007  The Golden Rules of An Eternal Happiness

 (Part 1 The Base)

Dear readers,

I'm trying to explicate the human and Islam since my first article "Correct Understanding The Human". It should now be well understood that the spiritual development of the man depends on the rise to the fifth "divine education" dimension from the fourth "reason" dimension.

Many people seek their happiness in the realization of their desires.

While the desires of the ego are endless; to try continuously to satisfy these desires of the ego is fit for nothing except making the human an insatiable monster who thinks nothing except his own self. Seeking the happiness in the satisfaction of the desires of his ego is related to human’s insufficient knowledge of his self and his God. The serenity and happiness of the human-being lie in his being subject to his Creator. The eternal happiness of the human becomes real only with his entrance to the circle of Islam, in other words, with his knowing of his Creator and with his submission to the will of his Creator.

The Creator (Allah ta'âla) is fair. He doesn't persecute anybody. He is the enemy of all cruel persons. He is the most gracious and most compassionate over all His creatures, and He is also the closest friend of the human.

If a person obeys his Creator's desires, he comes always face to face with beneficences, goodnesses and favors. But if a person obeys the rubbishy desires of his ego, then he will encounter with troubles, problems and difficulties. He will always be in troubles. Everybody find the counterpart of that whatever he has done, in the world and the afterlife.

My honorable brother, don't be unaware of your God. This unawareness leads you to perish in this world and beyond. Try to remember your God and to behave according to your God's desires every moment. If you can't conform to all, at least, try to conform to the majority of them. If a problem occurs and you encounter with troubles, don't seek the reasons of these troubles in other places, search them within your own behaviors, mistakes and defects. If you come across various beneficence and favors, don't be conceited with the reason of these benefactions which you don't know whether it is good or bad for you. Your mind and your attention must be on your God who is the true possession of these benefactions, but not on these favors. Be grateful for these favors to your God. If you behave in this way, you will be within the peace and serenity in the world and afterlife.

You mustn't become perplexed by the behaviors of the tactless persons around you. Don't become consternated by looking at the reasons, the means, and the forces of atrocious persons. Giver and taker, booster and reducer is Allah ta'âla. Even a feather cannot move from its place without His volition. Every event has got also a metaphysical reason as well as a physical one. You can't see these metaphysical reasons before your belief becomes an absolute faith. See the consequences of the events, not only the fore of them.

My dear brother, I had stated that "submission to the will of the Creator always produces goodness, but being subject to one’s own ego's desires always creates problems and troubles." What does our God want from us? All of them are in total 110 items. I've left the faith principles out of them. Because the faith is the pith and marrow of the matter. Neither the divine education nor God's compassion and favor becomes a reality without "faith". For this reason, you must first fix your faith.

# Basics of Faith

The commandments of our God about the principles of faith are:

  1. One must believe in Allah who is existing and is one
  2. One must believe in His angels
  3. One must believe in all His holy Books (Quran, Bible, Torah and others)
  4. One must believe in all His prophets (including Mohammed aleyhissalam)
  5. One must believe in the Day of Judgment
  6. One must believe in Qaader (Everything occurs according to a divine programme named Qaader; all good and bad things are created by Allah)

My dear brother,

These are the terms of the Islamic belief. A person doesn't become a true believer without believing these. Don't attempt pondering over these belief principles with the mind criterion. The mind is a weighing machine that it can measure only the physical world's values. It hasn't been created within power so that it can weigh out the metaphysical world's values. You have to accept these so how almighty Allah has notified to you. The base of the religion is not intellect, but is the transferred knowledge by prophets. To be subject to mind by leaving such knowledge means, in fact, to obey the desires of the ego and to build a new religion according to ego.

The other principles, except for the belief principles are given below. Don't forget; these are the golden rules of the universal and eternal happiness. Whoever conforms to these rules, they attain the salvation. Also those who do not follow them live through problems in this world and the afterlife. Don't suppose that you will not be responsible for the things you did. The poetic justice calls you to account for everything on the Day of Judgment. Take a glance at these rules every day. Every day, try to increase the number of those you could fulfill. Apologize to your God for those you couldn't fulfill, and be among the people who try not to do these once again. Especially, try to stay away from deadly sins. To commit these sins leads to be a perished human being. Repent also for sins that you had committed until now. Your God possesses the endless mercy.

# Basics of Worship

The commandments of our God about the principles of worship are:

  1. One must declare the faith that exists in his heart with repetition of the shahada. (Shahada is the declaration of faith, "There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His prophet")
  2. Salat (the daily ritual prayer) will be performed at five times every day in certain times.
  3. One must fast every day during the month of Ramadan.
  4. One must give zakat if one possesses commercial goods in the amount of "nisab". ("Nisab" is a richness measure in Islam; it's value is equal to 96 gram gold for merchandises)
  5. Every able-bodied and rich person will make the Hajj one time in his life.

In some Islamic literature, it is stated that these are the terms of Islam. If these were the terms, it should be sufficient for one to go out of Islam when these are left. But a person doesn't go out Islam without losing his belief. These are the pillars of Islam. A man destroys his religion if he leaves them. For this reason, don't think that anyone of them is unimportant, my dear brother.

# The Cardinal Sins

The following actions are the acts forbidden by Allah ta'âla that each one of them is a deadly sin. One must stand aloof from them. If commit one must repent, must plead for mercy; if exists, must be paid its expiation; and that sins must not be committed again.

  1. One must not appoint partners to Allah ta'âla (He is the only one God).
  2. One must not kill a man unjustly (To commit suicide is the same).
  3. One must not fornicate.
  4. One must not be disobedient against his parents.
  5. One must not run away from the enemy in a war fought for Allah.
  6. One must not bring an adultery accusation against a chaste woman.
  7. One must not act as a false witness.
  8. One must not commit perjury.
  9. One must not unfairly use the goods and property of an orphan.
  10. One must not do magic.
  11. One must not lend or borrow money with interest.
  12. One must not steal.
  13. One must not drink alcoholic drinks.
  14. One must not be a homosexual.
  15. One must not persist on a little sin.
  16. One must not be sure of the torment of Allah.
  17. One must not be hopeless of the mercy of Allah.
  18. One must not commit a sin within the Harem-i Kaaba.
  19. One must not attribute a word to the Prophet that has not been said by Him.

Those given above are notified as the deadly sins in various Islamic sources.

(Today some media presents these deadly sins to the humans as if they are normal and ordinary events. The believers should not be deceived, and must stand aloof from these sins. Whoever stays away from them, he is in the salvation.)

Be entrusted to Allah

Dr. Ismail Ulukus

(to be cont'd)


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