004  Understanding the Heart

My precious brother,

I had talked about two faces of the big reality created by God (Allah), about "Khalk" and "Amr" alams in previous article. And I had stated that the human is a little world bearing some elements from both worlds.

The human is been constituted from two components as body and spirit. The first of these is from the Khalk Alam, and represents the substance of the Human; the second is from the Amr Alam, and represents of the essence and meaning of the Human.

# The connection between two worlds are provided by Heart

The connection, communication and interaction between these two alams are provided through the Heart. Implied meaning with the "heart" word is not the meat part which located in the left side of the chest and pumping the blood to the body. It is a spiritual power being represented by this organ. It is also called as soul or conscience. It's existence is figurative

Heart is very important. The knowledge and images belonging to the both worlds are represented in the Heart. The impressions of all the somatic, physiological and psychological dimensions, which appear as joys and pains, and also all the products of the reason and moral dimensions are take place in the Heart. For this reason, this imaginal world occuring in the Heart has been named as "the Misal Alam" (the misaal aalam). Misal means instance or example. The Misal Alam is not a reality world such as The Khalk and Amr Alams, but it is an images arena, an imaginal world, being formed from the symbolic images of other two alams.

An example can be given from the facts of nowadays to able to better explain the situation: Now, please think the human as a personal computer named as PC. The body of the human is the mechanical part of PC named as hardware. The spirit of the human also resembles the programme named as software. We can liken to the screen the meat part named as heart. And also we can think the Heart, which is representative of the spiritual values, such as the displays appearing on the screen.

When a defect or a perfection occurs on the mechanical part of PC (for example on display card, power supply or on keyboard), this is reflected to the displays completely. In the same way, the whole features of the programme, all the defects and perfections on it, are reflected to the displays completely. Like this, all the occurrences on our body and spirit are completely reflected to the Heart which is our soul window.

# Person's behaviours are controlled by Heart

Every thing controling by PC is managed through the monitor displays. Like this, our whole life is managed by our Heart. If a person has good feelings and thoughts in his heart, that person is good. But if a person has bad feelings and thoughts in his heart, that person is also wicked.

Heart is not only an imaginal world, on which be represented the Khalk and Amr Alams (the material and spiritual worlds), but, at the same time, it is an imaginal passage, a passing point, between both worlds. Heart, is a window opening to the spiritual world from the material world. The human can not observe and perceive the occurrences on the Amr Alam (the spiritual world) without his heart window. For this reason, the humans, whose hearts are blackened with sins, suppose that there is not a Spiritual World, because they can not see it.

I had explained in previous article: The components of the Khalk Alam are "objects". This world is constituted from "objects", "situations" and "phenomena". And it is a "volumed", "timed" and "measurable" world. But the Amr Alem is not so that. It is constituted from some spiritual values, some pleasant spiritual beings, which their existences have been notified in the sacred books. It is not "volumed" and "timed". The knowledge of this spiritual world can not be obtained with the methods, ways and techniques belonging to the Material World. The knowledge belong to this world are obtained only by means of the Heart. The key of this is "Faith". If you approach to this situation with computer example, you can envision the Faith as the password for reaching any programme. How you can not reach any programme without a "password", also, you can not reach the knowledge of the Spiritual World without "Faith".

# Everybody benefits from the divine world in the ratio of his faith

I had told that, the heart is an imaginal arena where the knowledge of both worlds are represented. The representation ratios of the knowledge of both worlds on this arena, depend on the Faith.

Heart returns to life with Faith. A heart without Faith is a dead heart from the spiritual perspective, that the knowledge and images belonging to the Material World take the place there, only. The persons possessing such dead heart (by losing their spiritual values), that take place the displays only belonging to the Material World in such hearts, is named as "heartless" or "unconscientious". Such heartless persons can do every wickedness, due to thinking only his world life.

The revival of the Heart begins with believing. When appeared a faith and love as little as mote for his God in a person's heart, the password has been decoded and a passage has been opened to "the spiritual world" in person's heart. After this, it begins to be represented not only the knowledge belonging to the Material World, but also the knowledge belonging to the Spiritual World, at the heart. Flowing these knowledge to the Heart is in ratio of person's faith. As the knowledge belonging to the Material World disturb the heart, the knowledge belonging to the Spiritual World relax the heart and give serenity to the heart. For this reason, the worldly persons, who possess a weak belief, are always uneasy, anxious and flurried. As long as their heart are refreshed by increasing their belief, an apparent relaxation is seen on these persons.

# The barricades in front of the Spiritual World?!..

The largest barricade in front of obtaining the knowledge belonging to the Spiritual World, by seeing through the heart window, are the representations belonging to the Material World, situated in the heart. These are the curtains belonging to the Material World, in front of the Spiritual World. If a human destroys one by one these materialistic curtains in his heart, by restricting the desires and ambitions of his ego, he gets possibility of seeing uncloudedly and clearly the things belonging to the Spiritual World.

The destroying process of the representations belonging to the Material World, which situated in the heart, is named as "the cleaning of ego". The cleaning of ego, means its extinction. Such a man getting rid of his egoism begins to better understand every knowledge coming from his God. And he also knows better his God. The way going to the true Faith passes from this cleaning.

Dr. Ismail Ulukus


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